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Squirrels don't judge


What happens when individuals from different walks of life get to know each other by bonding over shared talents and passion. Does this experience change the way they feel about people who are different then they are? Can they develop a friendship and respect with someone with strongly opposing views?

My Story in the Risk Book!


My story "always a woman has been up on the Risk Podcast for about seven years now. I'm really happy to have my story published in the new Risk Book. You can listen to the story by clicking on the picture

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Tourette's Without Regrets


I'm a three time winner of the SLAM at Tourettes, Some of my proudest achievements!!

 “Tourettes celebrates underground performers, the kinds you won’t see on TV shows like ‘The Voice.’ It’s all original artists who aren’t doing this to be glorified but to share their art,” said DeWolf. The goal of each show is to get the audience inspired. DeWolf wants audience members to walk away vibrating with a need to create. He explains that he wants people to go home wanting to write, paint, sing, dance, and then come back and sign up to perform.

You need to check this out!