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I'm a Standingup Storyteller from the  wilds of New Jersey  living in

 San Francisco. 

A bit about me

morgan has been working as a standing  up storyteller for thirteen years and was a storyteller in KQED's StoryCorps OutLoud  first live show at the Chapel in San Francisco. she also told at the Risk show in NYC, LA and at  Bed Post Confessions in Austin Texas . She got her San Francisco storytelling start with Bawdy Storytelling and studied with David Ford at the Marsh and did  a one woman show titled  "Hold still i want to tell you a story"and she produced a monthly variety show in Bernal Heights called Tuesday's Child on Wednesday for over three years. She plays numerous pee in the corner bars all over San Francisco...

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September 25th

On the evening of September 25th 

       Roz G. Batmamis

       Director & Producer


      Squirrels Don't Judge

Will be doing a screening at 

PinHole Coffee / 321 Cortland Ave.

 Doors at 7:00 Screening at 7:30


What happens when individuals from different walks of life get to know each other by bonding over shared talents and passion. Does this experience change the way they feel about people who are different then they are? Can they develop a friendship and respect with someone with strongly opposing views?

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San Francisco, CA , US