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Happy You found me here in Cyberspace.. in
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I'm a Standingup Storyteller from the  wilds of New Jersey  living in

 San Francisco. 

I'm Co-Producing Tuesday's Child on Wednesday

Tuesday's Child on Wednesday


On the Third wednesday of every month Aziz and I Host a ninety minute showcase featuring Standup Comedy, Storytelling or Spokenword and Music.

This Is How We Do It!


Each show is exciting and new as Aziz and I search far and wide for world class talent! Every month we send out one email with all the info for each show, contact me  to get on our email list!

About Moonlight Cafe


Aziz is the owner of Moonlight Cafe at 634 Cortland Avenue in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Aziz's father Sam, bought the business back in  1999! Aziz's father handed the shop down to him in 2010. In 2015, Aziz and I sat down and created "Tuesday's Child on Wednesday" Fast forward to the present, we've done over 54 great shows! Come see one for yourself. The funny happens every third Wednesday of the month.



July 17th

Tuesday's Child on Wednesday 

 We sure are tired of being Bernal Heights  best kept secret ! Our 90 minute variety  show kicks ass and has for fifty nine shows!! You just need to drag your butt off the couch on any third Wednesday of the month to see what i'm talking about. There  now that that's off my chest . This month Aziz and i have again  booked great performers, for our  Storytelling / Spokenword spot we have none other than me morgan .The feature is going to be Dan Aguinaga Our Headliner for the night of the 17th is going to be

 Ian Williams

 The music spot will be Filled by 

our fave Peter Feliciano looks like another great show!! you should come threw..

Doors 7:00  Show  7:30


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San Francisco, CA , US

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San Francisco, CA 94110, US