this is a story i did in February 2012  for Kevin Allison and the RISK SHOW it’s titled “how an Iron worker named joe became a comedian named morgan”. i went to kevin’s hotel room down by the  S.F. Punch Line where he recorded my story he is truly a wonderful man and knows how to put you at ease and get you to let go of your truth... not that i have that hard a time with that anyway..what i’m telling you is he is a good guy. listen to the Risk podcast!!! I have also done his live shows at the pit in NYC and LA..
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 i’m 65 years old, not to worry it was a surprise to me too. when i’m on stage ether in a comedy venue or storytelling i’ve yet to find a topic i feel a need to shy away from. that being said all of my topics are true with what i hope is the right amount of comedic embellishment...
if you would like to talk i am very much old school and would love to do that face to face..
  If you are new in your male to female quest i may be able to help, try my “get with me” page... 
lets see what this woman can offer in the way of help.   

 Whether talking about my sexual encounters or dealing with drug addiction, i feel i create a personal connection with an audience.
  i’m a sixty five year old woman just being who i am.
Just a small look at the world through my eyes is going to make you laugh...
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Tuesday’s Child in Wednesday is a variety show that my friend aziz and i are producing in Bernal Heights it features stand up comedy, spokenword or storytelling & music in a 90 min format the shows we have done so far have been great fun!!
 stop by and see for yourself..
Here is a story I told at the Blue Macaw for Bawdy Storytelling
What a wonderful night that was !
i think this was the night of my first standing ovation...that night is never to be forgotten.
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